47 baby girl names perfect for your newborn (2023)

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In recent years, we've all seen the rise in popularity of branded crossovers. Surnames that become first names appeal to creative moms and dads because they are fresh and distinctive, along with history and familiarity that give them a down-to-earth feel.

Small surnames seem noble, elegant and timeless. If you are looking for fresh, modern and classy names for your baby girl, baby girl surnames turned into names are modern and interesting and will be an inspiring choice for your baby girl.

Surnames of girls These can be names

These 47 surnames turned into first names are the perfect choice for your lucky package.


Adair is a female name of English and Scottish roots. This last name was first used as a girl's name in "Search for Tomorrow" in the 1980s. The name Adair means "flat place in the river near the oaks".


If you love the nickname "Addy" for your little girl, but want to give her a name other than the feminine name "Adelaide" or "Adeline," check out the name Addison. This surname means 'Son of Adam' and as a first name it means a classy and elegant female name. Addison became famous through the series Grey's Anatomy, after which McDreamy's ex was named.


The girl's last name as a personal name that exudes elegance and sophistication is the name Arden. This English surname means "valley of the eagle". His famous namesake is "Teen Wolf" actress Arden Cho.z


If you're looking for a name that's girly and fun that you'll enjoy for years to come, try the name Ashley. This is a long-standing surname that has become a girl's name, although it actually started out as a boy's name. Ashley means "dwellers near the ash meadow".


The name Avery has a timeless appeal. This elegant, elegant surname is of English origin and has been used as a name for boys and girls for decades, although in recent years the name has become increasingly popular as a name for girls as well. Avery is said to mean "ruler of the elves".


Bailey is an adorable and popular maiden name, first used for a female character on the 1974 WKRP In Cincinnati series. This is a professional surname that has "enforcement law" and "enforcer".


Check out the name Bardot to see how a girl's last name becomes a name that has a glamorous and glamorous vibe. This was the surname of the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot. It has a strange and unconventional meaning "house".


If you prefer the name "Bella" but want something a little more unusual and impressive, consider the last name Bellamy. This name is said to mean "good friends". You can nickname your baby "Bella" or "Belle".


FromPerformanceGot the name Blair, but looking for something a little more unconventional for your little girl? Check out the last name Blaine. Blaine is an Irish surname meaning "thin".


Blair can be a good choice as a surname that can also be used as a personal name. It has its roots in the Gaelic Blaar. It has a battlefield background which will perfectly suit your little girl if you have a similar background. It is also good for you if you have Scottish roots. It comes with a battlefield and level concept.


People are not sure about the meaning and origin of the name Carlin. Some say it has roots in Carl or Carl. Therefore it would have the meaning of free or human.

Others say it has its roots in Ceorlo. In this way it would mean a man of low rank.


When you hear this name, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Channing Tatum. But people in America started to consider this name as a name for girls. So, if you are a fan of Channing, you can give your baby girl this name. Unfortunately, the meaning of this name is unknown.


In 1885, residents of the town of Colby, Wisconsin created Colby cheddar. Its taste was nutty. It is celebrated there every year in July.

Colby is also popular as a first name. It has its roots in the Old Norse language and means 'dark'.


Cameron is a maiden name that has become a name full of charm and appeal. Used for both boys and girls, this last name gained immense popularity thanks to HollywoodSternCameron Diaz. Cameron is a Scottish surname meaning 'turned nose'.


Campbell is a surname with roots in Scotland, which was initially used as a boy's name, but has now officially transitioned into a girl's name. This Scottish surname means "crooked mouth". Some cute nicknames you can give your little one are "Cam" and "Bella."


The name Cassidy is very popular among both boys and girls. One of the first famous people to give their child this name is foodie Kathie Lee Gifford. Cassidy is a surname with roots in Ireland. TheIrishThe surname is said to mean "curly".


For a quirky and quirky girl whose last name is sure to make an impression as a name, you might want to check out the name Delaney. Delaney is a surname of Irish origin, meaning 'dark challenger'. This name has a feminine vibe and sunny enthusiasm.


A popular last name that is often used for little boys, but would be a great and attractive choice for girls as well as the name Ellis. Ellis is a surname with Welsh roots, meaning 'benevolent'. This became popular when she was growing up as a girl, and the last name changed to a given name due to the series Grey's Anatomy where it was the name of Meredith Grey's mother.


Do you love the name "Allison" but at the same time, are you looking for something a little more unusual and mysterious? You might want to consider the name Ellison, a surname that translates to "gentle son," but would be a lovely name for your little girl.


The name Emerson is an elegant name with an impressive elegance that is preferred by both boys and girls. That last name is hisDeutschroot and is said to mean "Son of Emery". You can even give your baby cute nicknames like "Emery", "Emma" and "Em".


Everly is a beautiful girl's name that is perfect for parents who love music and want a charming and timeless name. The Everly Brothers are among the most iconic musicians of the 1960s, and the English surname Everly has become one of the world's most elegant and chic names for girls thanks to stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan who chose it for their baby girl. Everly means "Meadow of all time".


Are you looking for last names and names for girls that are unconventional and have an effortlessly cool vibe? Look no further than the Garcia surname. This surname is of Spanish origin and is believed to mean 'bear'.


For a girl, the last name is a name that is glamorous, charming and elegant at the same time. see surname Harlow. This name is of English origin and is said to mean 'army'. Harlow will always be associated with Tinseltown icon Jean Harlow, and its popularity as a girl's name skyrocketed when Nicole Richie chose it as her daughter's name.


Since surnames commonly used for boys are now trendy and fashionable as names for girls, the surname Harper would be a good choice. The surname Harper means 'harpist', and it became even more popular as a girl's name when David and Victoria Beckham gave their daughter this cute nickname.


For a girl's last name that translates as a name full of elegant elegance, the last name Hepburn would be a nice choice. This is a surname that will always be associated with the timeless style icon Audrey Hepburn, and since then everyone has been hooked on this surname, which supposedly means 'tall'.


Kennedy is a maiden name that has become a name that is timelessly elegant and classic at the same time. This surname is of Irish origin and was made famous by the late President John F. Kennedy and the powerful Kennedy clan. Kennedy brings with him the concept of a "deformed head". His famous namesake is one of the potential hunters in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

  • KIM

The maiden name that became a first name was one of the hottest names in the 1960s and has remained cool ever since: the last name Kim. Thekleinand the cute and very suggestive maiden name supposedly means 'brave family'.


Langley is a surname with English roots that is very common as a surname, but as a personal name this English surname is quite uncommon. Langley is said to have first become popular as a girl's name, with the name chosen by actress Mariel Hemingway for her daughter. Langley means "long meadow".

  • MOND

If you dream of female surnames that are short, very charming and definitely make an impression, the surname Luna is a nice first choice. This magical and extremely charming four-letter female name means 'moon'.

  • Madigan

If you like the name "Madison" but want a more unusual and catchy name, check out the last name Madigan. This girl, whose last name became her first name, is said to have an unusual meaning of "little dog" and is associated with the Danish tightrope walker Elvira Madigan.


A very popular last name that is popular as a name for both boys and girls is the last name Madison. This last name literally caused a stir when the siren from the eighties hit "Splash" chose it as her name on Madison Avenue.


A very popular and respected name for decades is the last name of the girl who became the first name: Marley. Marley is a surname that means "pleasant meadow by the sea," and this cute, catchy nickname has been on the US girl name charts for many years.


A beautiful, alluring last name that becomes a name and would be a wonderful choice for your little girl would be the last name McKenna. McKenna is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning 'beautiful child'. A super cute nickname to give your baby is "Mac."


Mackenzie is a surname of Scottish origin popularized as a first name for girls by actress Mackenzie Philips. Thanks to "Dance Moms" star Mackenzie Ziegler, the popularity has continued to grow in recent years.


Monroe is a maiden name that will forever be associated with Tinseltown icon Marilyn Monroe. This beautiful and feminine impressive-sounding last name became more popular as a girl's name when singer Mariah Carey gave her daughter this name. Monroe means "mouth of the Roe River".


One of the names that causes confusion among girls' names is Palmer. Palmer is rumored to have jumped over 300 places in the charts in the last few years and now has a place in the top 700 baby names for girls.


Parker is a surname that has become the most popular name among boys and girls. This classy and stylish last name became popular among girls thanks to actress Parker Posey and is currently in the top 200 names for girls in the United States.


Surnames became names for girls. One that is full of charm and extremely seductive beauty would be the surname Quinn. This Irish surname first appeared in the 1990s through the show Dr. quinn Medicine Woman” and was re-popularized in recent years by the “Glee” character. Quinn means "wise."


One last name that has become an incredibly popular name for girls is the very happy and optimistic Riley. This surname is said to be of Irish origin and means 'brave'. Also used as a name for little boys.

  • ROSE

One of the most timeless and classic last names for girls is the last name Rose. Rose is a short and very pretty surname that has been a very popular female name since the 1890s and remains a favorite to this day.


Rowan is a girl's name that has become a first name and would be a great choice for nature-loving parents. This is an Irish surname said to be derived from what is known as the rowan tree. Rowan is said to mean "little redhead" in Gaelic. It became popular as a girl's name when actress Brooke Shields chose it for her daughter.


A surname that revolves around a shorter name and exudes elegant elegance is the surname Sloane. The famous namesake is the cool girl in Ferris Bueller's movie Day Off. Sloane and its alternate spelling "Sloan" are among the top 200 most popular female names.


Sutton is a maiden name turned into a personal name that has a certain majestic, charming appearance. It is a surname of English origin, which means 'from the southern homeland'. Notable namesake is Tony Award-winning actress Sutton Foster.


The girl's last name became the name Taylor, which topped the charts for girls' names thanks to music superstar Taylor Swift. 'Taylor' is a new English professional film with a 90's feel which makes it even more appealing. A modern and elegant nickname for it is "Tay".


A cute, weird and wonderful last name that has become the first name you can think of for your baby girl is the last name Tierney. Said to be of Irish origin, this surname has a super-cool meaning of 'descendant of a lord'.


Peyton is a surname that became a first name because of former football star Peyton Manning, which first became popular as a boy's name. These days, Peyton is a popular name for girls, partly because of the character from One Tree Hill. Peyton means "Paega's king or court".

  • WEST

If you're looking for maiden names that turn into names derived from middle names,stark the choice would be the last name West. Actress Tea Leoni chose this simple yet sweetly romantic moniker for her baby girl, and as stage names become more popular, West is a stylish, modern choice for your baby.

Cross surnames are currently in vogue and trendy, and these girls' surnames turned into names are truly timeless and elegant options for your daughter.

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