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The average price of a wooden cord is300 dollars. Most people pay in between150 and 500 dollars,but prices could go so high700 dollars. Prices depend on location, type of wood and type of cut. Aged or dry wood also costs more. The price of wood can almost double in winter, so buy in spring or summer. additional shipping costs or$25 to $75 per delivery.Stacking is charged additionally$25 to $80 per load.

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Firewood prices by volume

In the US, firewood prices are usually in between$150 and $500 per cableAverage. A cord of wood is a pile of wood stacked for a volume of four feet by eight feet by four128 cubic feet.

You can also often find it on sale at:

  • Half laces and third laces (called face lace or rick).

  • Truck cable or sloppy cable, that's exactly what fits in the truck.

cable sizeSize (cubic feet)Range of average costs
beamIt's different5 - 15 dollars
a quarter32 (6'x4'x16")50 - 150 dollars
One third (Rick or Face)42 (8'x4'x16")75 - 200 dollars
Bad64 (4'x4'x4')100 - 300 dollars
puna128 (8'x4'x4')150 - 500 dollars

If you are interested in installing this type of heating in your home,The cost of installing a fireplace or wood stove900 to 4,000 US dollars.


you will pay5 to 15 dollarsfor a bundle of wood in most stores; Arborists usually do not offer them. A bundle of wood usually consists of several pieces of firewood and kindling, which is often sold for fires.

  • There is no clear measurement

  • Usually a few sticks wrapped in plastic or fire twine

fourth string

A quarter of the cost of cableOn average from 50 to 125 dollars, depending on your location and type of wood. Most pros offer this as an option, but you pay more per cubic foot for this size than for any other size.

  • Metersix feeta long time agofour legshigh of16 incheswide

  • It takes over32 cubic feet

Rick or face cable

Another way to describe a face string or wooden third string and priceOn average from 75 to 200 dollars. The term "Rick of Wood" is more common in the Midwest. Both the quarter cable and the front cable are great options for entertaining your fireplace.

  • Metereight feet by four feet by 16 inches

  • It takes over42 cubic feet

pola kabla

Half a wooden cord is enough100 to 300 dollars. They are usually sold by professionals in all regions. You'll pay a little more per cubic foot for this than you would for full cable, but it's a better option for those who use their fireplace as a backup to their primary heat source.

  • Meterfour feet by four feet by four feet

  • It takes over64 cubic feet

round cable

A full cable costs money150 to 500 dollars, depending on the type of wood you buy and your location. It lasts six to twelve weeks when it burns twice a day. Hardwoods last up to three months, while softwoods like pine disappear after six weeks. Get this size if you use your wood stove or fireplace as your main source of heat in the winter. In northern climates, two cables are generally required in winter.

  • Metereight feet by four feet by four feet

  • It takes over128 cubic feet

  • It is best when used as a primary heat source and lasts a long timeup to three months

If you think this form of heating is not working properly, contact aWood stove repair service in your areato make sure everything is okay. Consider finding oneYour local fireplace insert installeralso because it can also improve heating efficiency.

Winterize your fireplace

Price factors for firewood

Not all firewood is the same. You will find differences in price and quality between hardwood and softwood and between green and seasoned wood. You also pay more for shipping and stacking.

Hardwood vs softwood

Hardwood costs up to twice as much as softwood. They are deciduous trees, although not all deciduous trees are hardwoods. Most pines, the so-called conifers, are conifers. Hardwoods are better firewood - if you can find those varieties.

hard woodsoftwood
$250-$500 for cable$150-$300 for cable
These include beech, elm, maple, aspen, birchIncludes pine, fir, willow, cedar
Burns longer and hotter, with more heat per poundBurns up to twice as fast as hardwood
It is more difficult to ignite, but produces less smokeIt ignites easily, which makes it an excellent incendiary
It takes longer to dry (season)Season quickly

Zeleno vs iskusno drvo

Green wood is simply raw wood, that is, it has not been dried for six months to two years. It has a higher moisture content, which makes it harder and harder to light and produces much more smoke than dry wood.

  • Green wood often costs slightly less

  • It's a great money-saving alternative if you have the space to let it dry for up to two years

  • Produces more smoke than seasoned wood

  • It is heavier and more difficult to ignite due to its higher moisture content


Rising fuel prices and inflation mean you're likely to pay$25 to $75 per delivery. Delivery of firewood usually costs approx$2 per mile. Unless you have a truck or trailer with a long bed, you'll need a professional to get you some wood rope. You also pay an additional fee25 to 80 dollarsthat someone stacks the wood after delivery.

Firewood prices in your area

Cord prices vary by city and state and usually do not include shipping. Unaged or semi-aged wood costs less than old wood.

StatePrice range for seasoned wood ropes
Alaska200 - 400 dollars
California350 – 550 dollars
Colorado250 – 350 dollars
Delaware150 - 180 dollars
Florida380 - 480 dollars
Idaho210 - 330 dollars
New York300 - 400 dollars
North Dakota150 - 300 dollars
Maine290 - 320 dollars
Massachusetts275 - 700 dollars
Michigan120 - 380 dollars
Montana250 - 400 dollars
Nevada250 - 380 dollars
Oregon250 - 400 dollars
Pennsylvania300 - 600 dollars
Texas300 - 580 dollars
Vermont350 – 500 dollars
Washington300 - 480 dollars
Wisconsin300 – 425 dollars
Wyoming200 - 300 dollars

How important it is to shop local

Buying local firewood helps keep invasive plant species and pests out of your local forests. Pests often travel in firewood. Pine is often used as firewood because it is already dead and partially seasoned. However, if it travels a greater distance, it is likely to introduce these pests into a new forested area.

Always buy local firewood whenever possible.

Do you have additional questions about firewood?

Frequently asked questions

How can I get cheap firewood?

The best way to get cheap firewood is to buy conifers out of season or in early spring. Buying fresh or raw firewood that has not been left outside to dry for several seasons usually costs less than seasoned firewood.

Another option is to cut yourself. If you have a tree that you want to cut down and process into firewood, some tree companies offer this as a service. Contact an arborist in your area to see if this is an option. In some areas you can also buy a permit to cut trees for a small fee.

When should I buy firewood?

The best time to buy firewood is spring when you have a place to store it. It would be even better if the wood was aged and stored for at least a year so that it would burn better and with less smoke.

What is the best type of firewood?

The best type of firewood is usually local hardwoods. It is not always the easiest to store, nor is it always the cheapest. But domestic hardwood burns longer and hotter than softwood.

How should I store my firewood?

You want to store firewood outside the house. It is best to store it under a roof, but not in a closed room. This keeps moisture away from it while allowing it to air dry. Never stack flammable wood in your home.

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