Fineco Bank - Personal and Internet banking services: Prospectus (2023)

Monthly fee (GBP, EUR, USD, CHF)0,00 £

Annual fee for Fineco Visa Debit

The first ticket is free,

others £9.95

Quarterly account report

You see
•On paper (only on request)

Reports are sent quarterly, semi-annually, annually or in paper form (only on request)

0,00 £
4,95 £

4,95 £

ATM withdrawals in the UK and EEA

(ATM providers may charge additional withdrawal fees)

0,00 £

Withdrawals from ATMs outside the EEA

(ATM providers may charge additional withdrawal fees)

2,50 £


(ATM providers may charge additional withdrawal fees)

0,00 £

Currency conversion fee (for paymentsin a currency different from the debit card currency)

1 %

Shipping costs for the card

(PIN will be sent free via SMS)


card replacement

9,95 £

Bank transfers to the UK

GBP 0.00 (beneficiary bank/intermediary banks may apply additional fees*)

Bank transfers in euros (from sub-accounts in euros): SEPA

The SEPA rules only define orders for "SHA" fees (bank transfers with conditions of separation between sender and receiver, where the sender is only responsible for his bank's fees).

0,00 £

Direct transfer in euros (**)

0,00 £

Euro instant transfer outgoing (**)

0.20% (min. €0.85 – max. €2.95)

International bank transfers

19,95 £

SEK bank transfers from SEK subaccounts to SEPA countries

0,00 £

Euro Sepa Direct Debit (SDD)

0,00 £


0,00 £

Account interest rates

0,00 %

Nominal annual interest rate of the debt for the amounts used

(See calendar year for interest calculation)

0 %

Exchange rate for bank transfers in currencies other than Sterling

Exchange rate at the time of trading +0.20% (***)

Cancellation fee by the client

0,00 £ (****)

Fees for credit via bank transfer

0,00 £

Other expenses

0,00 £Fees for sending notices of changes to financial and/or contractual terms due to regulatory changes0,00 £user password0,00 £

activation code

0,00 £

security code

0,00 £

Password regeneration

0,00 £

PIN regeneration

0,00 £

Account closing fees

0,00 £

Exchange rate for each individual currency (***)

The exchange rate and its difference are shown in a table available in a special section of the Fineco website. The table is constantly updated.

(*) The amount of additional fees is determined by the user bank/intermediary bank and is not known to Finec in advance.

(**) The service is only available for payments to banks to users where the same service is active. You can find a list of banks with active direct payments at (

(***) Exchange rate plus spread is calculated in real time. The exchange rate displayed in the exchange is calculated as described above and is updated every 30 seconds.

(****) Fineco does not charge any fees. In the case of a refund, the recipient's bank may charge a fee that cannot be calculated in advance. The user's bank commission will be deducted from the original payment amount.

Other multi-currency sub-accounts (each sub-account can be activated in the reserved area of ​​the Fineco website)Monthly fee for multi-currency accounts in: Turkish Lira TRY, Russian Ruble, Canadian Dollar CAD, Mexican Peso MXN, Australian Dollar AUD, Japanese Yen JPY, Swedish Krona SEK, South African Rand, Chinese Renminbi CNY (*), Danish Krone DKK , Norwegian Krone NOK , Hong Kong dollar HKD, Singapore dollar SGD, Polish zloty PLN, New Zealand dollar NZD, Czech crown CZK and Hungarian forint HUF0,00 £Nominal annual interest rates on bank deposits for multi-currency accounts in: Turkish Lira TRY, Russian Ruble RUB, Canadian Dollar CAD, Mexican Peso MXN, Australian Dollar AUD, Japanese Yen JPY, Swedish Krona SEK, South African Rand, Chinese Renminbi CNY, Danish Krone DKK , Norwegian krone NOK, Hong Kong dollar HKD, Singapore dollar SGD, Polish zloty PLN, New Zealand dollar NZD, Czech crown CZK and Hungarian forint HUF0,00 %Nominal annual interest rate for overdrafts (see calendar year for interest calculation)0,00 %(*) Renminbi held, traded or used for payments by customers outside Mainland China is offshore Renminbi (CNH), although the ISO code of CNY must be used in customer payment orders, transaction statements and account information. "CNH" is not registered as a code with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is not used in payment services or for account information.EURO Sepa direct debit (SDD) *Sepa Direct Debit (SDD)0,00 €Cancellation of an individual SDD before the expiration date0,00 €Cancellation of an individual, authorized SDD within 8 weeks of the date change0,00 €order cancellation0,00 €Suspension order1,95 €(*) The Sepa direct debit service is only available for billing in eurosdeposit of securitiescare0,00 £Fee for transfer of securities to another bank0,00 £

Fee for issuing a shareholder card for Monte Titoli centralized and non-centralized securities

4,95 £

Fees related to receiving, transferring and executing orders for trading in financial instruments

The bank charges an intermediary fee for each executed order. No commissions will be charged for canceled, canceled or incomplete orders.
In the case of execution in several partial amounts, the fee is charged once.
If the fee is expressed as a percentage, the calculation is based on the value of the order (value multiplied by the quantity).

Some exchanges charge transaction taxes in addition to brokerage commissions at variable rates based on local regulations. Relevant details are available for each market in the customer area of ​​the bank's website.

Accessories for electronic selection of shares, bonds, CW and European market certificates

UK (LSE) stocks and ETFs: flat fee of £2.95

Bonds (MOT/EuroMOT, EuroTLX, HI-MTF, Euronext): fixed fee £6.951

Shares and ETFs from the main European exchanges (EqGermany, Xetra, EqFrance, Netherlands, Portugal, Euronext, Italy): fixed fee of €3.952

US stocks and ETFs: $3.95 flat fee

Canadian stocks and ETFs: $10 flat fee

1Commissions charged when buying bonds are denominated in GBP, but charged to a multi-currency account in the settlement currency.

2For EquiductFrance, Netherlands & Portugal and Euronext securities, a flat fee of €9 applies for each executed order.

Online pickup of orders on other European stock exchangesfeesMinimum.Maximum.Fixed costsStocks/ETFs Finland30,19 %2,95 €19 €9 €Stocks/ETFs Spain0,19 %14,95 €--Stocks/ETFs Switzerland0,19 %24 CHF--

3For securities on the Hex market, €9 fixed costs are added for each executed order.

Online entry of derivatives orders (IDEM, Eurex, CME, CBOE)

*Reduced commission rates apply when commissions paid exceed €/$500 per month for IDEM/EUREX (€) and CBOE ($) markets. The reduced commission rate is retained for the following month.

**Reduced commission rates apply when commissions paid exceed €/$10,000 per month for IDEM/EUREX (€) and CBOE ($) markets. The reduced commission rate is retained for the following month.

***Free after at least one transaction per month

**** For US stock options:
- There is a flat practice fee of $20.
- In the event that an option item is ex-dividend, a fee of $1 will be applied to each lot position (both long and short) in the portfolio at the end of the trading day prior to the ex-dividend day.

IDEM and Eurex:

CME u Indizes

FTSE MIB - DAX0,95 €Mini FTSE MIB -DJ Eurostoxx50 i DJ Stoxx500,95 €Mikro FTSE MIB0,95 €TecDax0,95 €Mini-DAX0,75 €
Bond FuturesBund, Schatz, Bobl, Buxl and BTP (long-term, medium-term), OAT, Bonos2,00 €
CME in sector indicatorsDJ EuroStoxx Automobiles - Banking - Oil and Gas - Insurance - Technology - Telecom2,00 €Options unless otherwise noted3 €.952 €0,95*1,95 €**monthly Eurex fee15 £FreiFreiCME:CME u Indizese-mini S&P 500 – e-mini Nasdaq 100 – e-mini Dow Jones1,95 $Micro futures0,70 $Nikkei index ($)2.70 dollarsSMEs in currenciesMini Eurodollaro - Euro FX - British Pound - Swiss Franc - Australian Dollar - Canadian Dollar - Japanese Yen2,50 $small and medium enterprises on goodsMini Crude Oil, Light Crude Oil, Future Fuel Oil, RBOB Gasoline, Mini Natural Gas, Natural Gas, Mini Gold, Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium, Platinum, Corn, Mini Corn, Wheat, Mini Wheat, Oats, Soybean, Soybean flour, soybean oil, unprocessed rice2,00 $Small and Medium Enterprises in the US Treasury Department5-year note, 10-year T-bond, US Treas B note, Ultra US T-B note2,00 $American options3,95 $2,95 USD*1,95 USD**American Stock Options - Exercise****20 $20 $20 $American Stock Options - Basic Dividend Split****1 $1 $1 $monthly CME feeFreiMonthly CBOE fee15,00 $***FreiFreiCollection of orders for shares not traded electronicallyOrders in other European markets for which online functions are not available can be placed through customer service.gettrading feeMinimum feesATC – Austria0,19 %24,95 €KFX – Danish0,19 %at least DKK 100XAA – Greece0,50 %Minimum €24.95 plus fixed taxesIOX – Ireland0,19 %Minimum. €14.95 more pozOBX - Norway0,19 %Minimum price: NOK 120OMX-Sweden0,19 %at least SEK 135Collection of orders for other non-electronically traded equity securitiesIn addition, through the customer service, it is possible to carry out sales transactions of securities from the portfolio for which electronic transactions are not available.
In these cases, the following fees apply:Maximum. Commission for over-the-counter bonds and certificates in euros and foreign currenciesDo 0,10% - min5Maximum. Fee for certificates in markets that are not organized onlineDo 0,70% - min15Maximum. Italian Stock CommissionDo 0,70% - min15Maximum. Commission for shares of other foreign non-online regulated markets**Do 0,70% - min15Maximum. Commission for US stocks on the stock exchangeFixed at 12.95 USD

(**) Regarding stocks, other foreign non-online regulated markets are stocks not listed on AXA: Greece, ATX: Austria, KFX: Denmark. IOX Ireland; OBX: Norway? OMX Sweden, to which the different terms above apply.

Repeat ETFNumber of selected ETFsThe basic plan has been implementedMonthly costs for the basic planETFs included in the basic planAdditional ETFs compared to the base planCharges for additional ETFsTotal monthly fee1A£2.951-£2.952A£2.9511£2.955,90 £3Silber6,95 £4--6,95 £4Silber6,95 £4--6,95 £5Silber6,95 £41£2.959,90 £6Silber6,95 £425,90 ££12.857Gold13,95 £10--13,95 £8Gold13,95 £10--13,95 £9Gold13,95 £10--13,95 £10Gold13,95 £10--13,95 £11Gold13,95 £101£2.9516,90 £12Gold13,95 £1025,90 ££19.85

processing time

British stock exchanges2 Take itEuronext Exchange (France, Netherlands, Portugal)2 Take itNjemačka storm2 Take itForeign stock exchanges (Italy, Finland, Spain, Switzerland)2 Take itAmerican stock exchanges (Nyse, Amex, Nasdaq)2 Std.**Buying shares is not available online (Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Sweden)2UK bond markets2 Entertainment***Foreign bond markets2 Entertainment***Over-the-counter stock and bond market2Euro/Dolar derivatives1Forex2 times (1 times USD/CAD i USD/TRY)

** US Markets: Columbus Day and Veterans Day are trading days but are not included in the settlement currency date calculation.

*** All bonds traded on the Italian or foreign markets in currencies other than the euro and in currencies other than the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland , Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary have a settlement value of up to 3 trading days.

Funding Platform FeesThe value of investing in mutual funds

Annual fee*

0 do 250.000 £

0,25 %

250.000 do 500.000 £

0,15 %

500.000 do 1.000.000 £

0,15 %

1 to 2 million pounds

0,05 %

£2 million +


*Fund platform fee is calculated and paid monthly. The monthly fee is calculated based on the value of your mutual fund portfolio on the last day of each month and is charged to your account within the first three business days of the following month.

Capital trading

There are no transaction fees for buying or selling funds

Powerdesk Platform Fees

Monthly fee for Powerdesk


Fees for the ISA platform

Stocks and Shares ISAs

Capital city

The value of investing in mutual fundsAnnual fee*0 do 250.000 £0,25 %250.000 do 500.000 £0,15 %500.000 do 1.000.000 £0,15 %1 to 2 million pounds0,05 %£2 million +Frei*Fund platform fee is calculated and paid monthly. The monthly fee is calculated based on the value of your mutual fund portfolio on the last day of each month and is charged to your account within the first three business days of the following month.

Capital trading

There are no transaction fees for buying or selling funds.

Before proceeding, to find out all the costs of the funds, please read the KIDS and the offer prospectus which is available at and the website of the company offering the UCITS units/shares.

Stocks, ETFs, bonds

0.25% annual fee*, capped at £2.95 per month*The platform fee for stocks, ETFs and bonds is calculated and paid monthly. The monthly fee is calculated based on the value of your portfolio of listed products on the last day of each month and is charged to your account within the first three business days of the following month.

Trading stocks, ETFs, bonds

Same fees as standard account
(see Electronic Order Entry Fees for Shares, Bonds, ETFs, CWs and European Market Certificates)fee0 £Cash ISAN/A
Definitiongeneral servicesAccount

Account means the cash account you have with the Bank. Each account includes a current account and a multi-currency account.

iskazna activity

Statement of Account means the statement of account provided by the Bank in accordance with Condition 10 which summarizes the Financial Instruments and cash in your accounts.

account ownerAccount owner means the person or persons in whose name the account is assets

Assets means any investments or assets held in your Trust Account and any rights or benefits associated with such investments or assets (including any income from such investments or assets). This includes, but is not limited to, cash, accounts, contractual rights, all documents, instruments and certificates relating to investments and securities and all interest, redemptions and distributions related thereto and all income, proceeds and proceeds of the foregoing.

balanceAccount statement means the account statement provided to you by the Bank in accordance with clause 31 of the FinecoBank Terms of Service, which shows payments made to and from your account.Bank transfer

Electronic funds transfer means the following, which are not international funds transfers:

  • Pound Sterling (£): via SWIFT or Faster Payment (outbound via SWIFT)
  • Euro (€): putem SEPA i SWIFT
  • Other currencies: processed via SWIFT
Euro direct transfer

A direct transfer in euros is a SEPA transfer.

It is credited to the payee in seconds 24/7 and has a maximum of €15,000 for easy transfer.

The base currency of the accountThe base currency of the account is the currency of your current account. For a UK resident current account, this is pounds sterling. In the case of a multi-currency account, it will be Euro, US Dollar or Swiss Franc or all of those currencies and any other currency the Bank may notify you of from time to time.GuaranteeCollateral is cash in a currency acceptable to the Bank and, with the Bank's consent, any investment, security, bond or other financial instrument deemed acceptable by the Bank.Current calculationCurrent account means a pound sterling bank account that you can use to make deposits and to make payments to and receive payments from third parties.depotcontoCustodial Account means an account with the Bank or an agent for your benefit (including any funds held by agents of the Bank, the Custodian or Custodian or in any clearing system).debit cardsA debit card is a debit card issued by the Bank that allows you to pay and withdraw cash from your current account.PIN cardsCard PIN is a personal identification number provided by the bank for use with a debit card.EGPEEA stands for European Economic sheetProspectus is a document of the Bank that contains information about certain services that the Bank offers.cost plan"Fee Schedule" means the fee schedule applicable to your Account.general business terms"Terms and Conditions" means the terms and conditions set out in Section 1 of the Terms and Conditions.Joint accountJoint account means an account in which there is more than one account holder.instinctAn incentive is a fee, commission or other non-monetary benefit.International bank transferAn international bank transfer is a payment to or from an account in a country or currency outside the bankingOnline banking means using a secure area of ​​the bank's website or app to manage your account.Calculation of multiple currencies"Multicurrency Account" means an account provided by the Bank as part of the Multicurrency Service specified in Section 2B of the Terms of Use.multi-currency serviceMulti-Currency Services means the service provided with your Account which enables you to hold cash, make and receive payments and exchange financial instruments in Euros, US Dollars or Swiss Francs or any other currency permitted to you by the Bank from time to time. .password"Password" means the password you set after activating your Account for using Internet banking and/or Telephone banking.PAYMENT-SeriesPayment order means any instruction given by you to make a payment from your account.BROOCHPIN means the personal identification number that you set after activating your account for use in Internet banking and/or Telephone detailsSecurity Data means your card PIN or other security code associated with your debit card and any password, PIN or user code associated with your account.calculations"Settlements" means any current settlement and any multi-currency settlement.Telephone bankingPhone banking is a bank service that allows you to manage your account over the phone.A unique identifierA unique identifier is a combination of letters, numbers and/or symbols used to identify a bank account.US-personUS person means any person falling within the definition of "US person". "Person" as defined in FATCA, including but not limited to any citizen or resident of the United States and any person who meets the substantial presence test.user passwordUser code is a user code provided by the Bank for use in internet banking and/or telephone dayWorking day means any day other than a Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday in the United Kingdom and Italy.Definitioninvestment servicesCMEChicago Advertising Exchange (CME) Is The larger futures contractsExchange U The United Conditions I The other largerExchange U The Welt For The MarketingAnterm objections; I wasessenled U in 1898.Faucets

It denotes a futures contract, option or CFD whose value is directly related to the value of the underlying asset, which may be a stock, index, currency, bond or commodity.

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50Stock market index weighted by capitalization for 50 large European companies operating in the eurozonenations.
EurexEurex is the world's largest futures and options market where derivatives are primarily traded in Europe. AGAINSTMOT is an Italian regulated market dedicated (through its two divisions, DomesticMOT and EuroMOT) to the trading of Italian and non-Italian government securities, domestic and international bank and corporate bonds, and supranational and asset-backed securities.EuronextEuronext is oneThe European stock exchange was originally created in 2000 by the merger of the Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris stock exchanges.EuroTLXEuroTLX is Europe's leading MTF for electronic trading of retail/individual equities, fixed income, structured and investment products: More than 4,500 securities are listed on EuroTLX, mainly government bonds (including supranationals and emerging markets). and credit bonds (corporate, financial, etc.) as well as a selection of shares and certificates.Roll-on-FormelThis is the type offered for transactional services to reduce the maximum fee owed. It is possible to automatically keep the total amount of fees collected at the end of each calendar month for the following month.FTSE 100-indexThe FTSE 100 is a stock indexof 100 companieslisted on the London Stock Exchangewith the largest market capitalization.OwnItalian derivatives market managed by Borsa Italiana, a London Stock Exchange Group company.OTCOTC (over-the-counter) is a financial instrument that is traded in a context that is not an official exchange or not online.It isA pip indicates the smallest fluctuation in the exchange rate, usually the 4th digit after the decimal point.Intraday positions

Intraday positions are positions that were closed on the day they were opened.

Multi-day positionsMulti-day positions are positions that can remain open after the opening day.PressPush means subscription to market data in real time.voicesWithdrawal means subscription toReal-time market datais extended upon request.distributionThe spread is the difference between the asking price and the offered price.Rand

"Margin" means cash collateral deposited by you as insurance against any losses you may incur and includes initial margin, variation margin, intraday margin and any funds (other than premiums) placed to secure your trading performance obligations as we do we, an intermediary CCP, are required by a clearing house or market.

Possibility of multilateral transactions

A multilateral trading system means a multilateral system managed by an investment firm or market operator that brings together multiple interests of third parties for the purchase and sale of financial instruments - in the system and according to non-discretionary rules - in a way that results in a contract in accordance with the provisions of Chapter II of MiFID.

Order execution date

Order execution date means the date on which the payment order was executed.

Order fulfillment rules

"Order Execution Policy" means the Bank's Order Execution Policy, which can be found in Annex I of these Trading Terms.

Organized marketRegulated market means a multilateral system managed and/or operated by a market operator that brings together or facilitates the joining of the interests of several third parties in the purchase and sale of financial instruments - within the system and in accordance with its non-discriminatory rules - in a manner consistent with the agreement regarding the financial instruments that are included in trading according to its rules and/or systems and which is authorized and works regularly and in accordance with the provisions of Chapter III of MiFID.get over itXetra is aFully electronic trading system based in Frankfurt, instruments"Financial Instruments" means the products that you are permitted to trade through your account, including but not limited to stocks, bonds, options and futures.
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