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Desktop and mobile platforms for the ultimate trading experience, at home or on the go.

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Say hello to the ultimate trading experience

All of our online trading platforms are designed and developed in-house to meet your single account trading needs.

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Our latest trading platform: innovative, easy to use and 100% customizable.

Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (2)


Our advanced and intuitive trading platform, fully customizable.

Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (3)


Trade in financial markets and invest in funds, bonds and ETFs.

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Trade and invest on the go with our premium app.

FinecoX: a new generation platform

Fast, professional and easy to use with many innovative tools. FinecoX is a new state-of-the-art platform, suitable for all trading styles and 100% customizable.

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It's a new era of trading

FinecoX is a new trading platform tailored to your needs: innovative, 100% customizable and easy to use.

  • Access 26 global exchanges from one multi-currency account.
  • Trade more than 20,000 financial investments with simple and transparent conditions.
  • Buy and sell with just one click and get instant confirmation.
  • No installation required - run FinecoX with one connection, wherever you are.

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Made to your measurements

Enjoy a great trading experience, at home or on the go, with the latest and most advanced trading platform built for Fineco users.

PowerDesk: Engineered for superior performance

Winner of the Best Trading Platform Award at London Trader Show 2021 2020 - PowerDesk is a professional, powerful, fast and customizable workstation designed exclusively for Fineco users.

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Your personalized trading room

If you are an active trader or investor, you need to be able to react quickly to any opportunity. Trade without compromise with PowerDesk and take advantage of:

  • Trade directly in more than 20 currencies
  • Live prices and real-time market data
  • Advanced mapping tools
  • No activation costs or monthly fees

Take your trading space with you – at home or on the go

You can trade thousands of products worldwide - including stocks, CFDs, FX, ETFs, futures, bonds, options and other financial instruments.

Simple and intuitive trading on the website

Whether you're new to trading or an experienced trader looking to explore new opportunities, our modern, easy-to-use trading room awaits.

Advanced trading in a pocket size

Trade and invest wherever and whenever you want with our premium app - including streaming mobile quotes and news, live P&L updates and customizable charts.

Characteristics of mobile transactions

Get a holistic view of your finances on the go. Trade over 20,000 financial instruments, buy and sell assets, receive mobile alerts and check balances. Always and everywhere.

Trade and invest from anywhere in the world. Access real-time prices for thousands of products, with live P&L updates and financials. Buy, sell and control money with your smartphone. Stay connected to your portfolio anytime, anywhere. You can buy and sell mutual funds, ETFs and stocks. In addition, all dividends and coupons you receive on your bonds, government bonds and funds can be made in the reference currency to avoid exchange rate fluctuations.

Statement on the availability of Fineco APP:iOS|Android|Huawei

Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (5)

Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (6)

Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (7)

Browse your purchased products with confidence and ease

Our intelligent stock screening engines offer intuitive search and predefined filters to help you find companies that match your trading strategy in global markets.

One multi-currency platform

Trade global stocks in their local currencies – for example, if you buy or sell US tech stocks directly in USD after converting from GBP to USD, you only pay a trading fee.

  • GBP, EUR, USD, CHF and more than 20 currencies
  • No currency conversion fees, just spreads
  • Real-time data exchange and no account fees
  • Buy and sell coins day and night


Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (8)

in 2022 and 2021

The best broker for global trading

ADVFN International Financial Awards

Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (9)

in 2022 and 2021

The best live trading events

ADVFN International Financial Awards

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Platforms and software for online trading | Nice (11)


The best trading platform

Forex exhibition in London


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FinecoBank offers a range of easy-to-use proprietary trading platforms that have won awards including Best Platform and Provider of the Year at the ADVFN International Financial Awards:

  • The online platform is free and browser-based, making it accessible on many devices.
  • For advanced traders looking for a fully customizable environment, FinecoBank PowerDesk offers an easy-to-use platform with powerful features, and it's free. Voted #1 trading platform in Italy in 2021. Offers comprehensive real-time news and has products for margin trading. Trading no. 1 in Italy for the total volume of shares traded in Italy: Source: Assosim Report - FY21.
  • In 2023, FinecoBank launched its latest trading platform FinecoX, suitable for all types of traders. It is easy to use and can be launched with a single connection. With FinecoX, you can place orders with one click and instant confirmation, and create custom workspaces with new graphics and content. FinecoX is a free trading platform tailored to your needs.
  • FinecoBank also allows you to transact from anywhere using the Fineco mobile app. All platforms provide access to thousands of investments in stocks, bonds, ETFs, forex, CFDs, futures and other markets. FinecoBank performs over 27 million transactions annually on its various platforms.

In Fineco, you can choose between online trading, an investment platform (for mutual funds), FinecoX, a new generation platform. PowerDesk, an advanced and intuitive trading platform, mobile trading application and stock checker tool to navigate the financial markets with intuitive search and predefined filters. All our online trading platforms are at your disposal. They are free and no minimum deposit is required to use them. You should deposit funds into the account as soon as you feel ready to trade.

No, all our online trading platforms are free and no minimum deposit is required to use them.

Funding is needed when you feel ready to start trading. However, executed trades only charge you a brokerage fee or you pay spreads.

You can choose from online trading, investment platform (for mutual funds) FinecoX, the next generation platform, PowerDesk, an advanced and intuitive trading platform, a mobile trading app and a stock tracker to navigate the financial markets with intuitive search and pre-assigned filters.

At Finec, you have thousands of financial instruments to choose from: you can trade stocks, bonds, CFDs, FX CFDs, futures and options, ETFs and ETCs, certificates and covered guarantees, and mutual funds. With state-of-the-art tools and access to real-time breaking news, you can invest in leading global markets with just a few clicks. In this way, you are always up to date and can analyze the trends of each security in detail.

Fineco Stock Screener allows you to search for companies among the companies available on the trading platform by setting your own search criteria or using search ideas (packages of ready-made filters based on specific performance and company indicators).

Fineco trading platforms provide each client with the most useful and advanced tools, such as interactive charts, indicators, stop loss and take profit, other automatic orders and a discreet inventory control tool.

Learn more about doing business with Finec

This advertising message is for promotional purposes only. You can find all conditions of the advertised services atNewsletterand documentation prescribed by applicable regulations. For all services, the user must open a Fineco current account. All offered products and services are linked to a Fineco account.

Derivatives trading is available to clients after checking their knowledge and experience with derivatives and signing the Derivatives Trading Agreement.
Before trading CFDs or any other derivative instruments please read carefully the Key Information Documents (KIDs) available on the website

A CFD is a financial derivative that you can buy or sell with FinecoBank as your direct counterparty. Its value is directly related to that of the underlying asset (securities, indices, currencies, bond maturities, volatility index maturities and commodity maturities) and therefore follows the price movement of the underlying asset. In particular, when trading CFDs, your profit/loss is the difference in value between the initial price and the later closing price of the contract. Opening and closing prices are determined by the bank, possibly applying a premium or spread to the base price to the extent that the economic conditions at the time require it. CFDs are characterized by high leverage. This means that a relatively small price change in the underlying market will have a proportionally greater impact on the value of your margin position, and an unfavorable price movement can result in losses greater than the original deposit margin (increase in the underlying price for short positions, reduce long positions). CFD positions open for more than one business day (overnight) are subject to a multi-day position commission.
Spreads applied to CFDs are subject to change at any time within contractually agreed limits.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money quickly due to leverage. 64.14% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money.
Please read carefully the Key Information Documents (KIDs) available on the website before trading CFDs

Please read carefully the Key Information Documents (KIDs) available at before trading CFDs

Sources: Unless otherwise stated, the sources are from internal processing of FinecoBank.

A solid and reliable bank:Fineco is the leading Italian bank in terms of capital ratio in the FTSE Mib.
FORBES BEST BANK IN THE WORLD 2022:At the Forbes Oscars of the banking world, we won:
Best Italian Bank 2022 –
Best Global Trading Broker and Best Live Trading Event 2022:ADVFN International Financial Awards
It was recognized and awarded as the best platform and supplier of the year- Quelle: ADVFN International Financial Awards

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