The best electric heaters (2023)


The nights are approaching and it won't be long before we have Jack Frost on our windowsills. still pullsanother jerseyIt will only take you so far, and turning on your central heating will certainly put a dent in your bank balance. To do?

The answer? An electric heater that can be more cost effective and energy efficient for a temporary solution or when your main heat source just isn't enough.

They are not just for home use. Shop wisely, and a space heater can warm up those tricky places where heat isn't available – think a conservatory, shed or camper. If you're one of those people who's always cold, a personal heater can help you avoid temperature wars caused by thermostats by providing the heat that's right for you locally.

For a multi-purpose heater, it's worth considering getting one.heated clothesline. While most models don't have enough power to heat an entire room, they do keep clothes away from radiators and dry them effectively like a clothes dryer, without the high running costs.

Before we dive into our roundup of the best personal heaters, first think about your needs and the space you need to heat.

A halogen fan or heater is likely to suffice for most small rooms, while larger, taller rooms will probably benefit better from a radiator heater.


Even if you're shopping on a tight budget, there are plenty of heating options to keep you warm on cold days. Perfect for those with limited heating space, a fan heater quickly disperses heat throughout a room by forcing air through a heating element and then exhausting it out into the room.

While a fan heater works quickly to warm up the room, the downside is that when you turn it off, the heat is gone too. The fan element means that some heaters can be noisy, which might not be a problem if you use it in a home office, but would be a deal breaker if you want a heater to warm up a room before bed.

electric radiators

A freewheeling cousin of a traditional wall-mounted radiator, this freestanding version works the same way: it heats an element like water or oil in a metal frame, which in turn radiates heat into the room.

First the benefits. They are extremely quiet and produce long-lasting heat that doesn't go away once you turn off the power. In fact, the slow cool down time means that the radiator will continue to produce heat without using energy, meaning you don't have to stay on all day to stay warm.

The downside is that these radiators also take longer to heat up, so you have to think ahead and turn them on half an hour earlier to feel the benefits. Fortunately, many models have built-in timers so you can set them to come on when you need them.

convection heaters

Convection heaters also work in a similar way, sending warm air through the radiator and circulating it around the room, although the heat it gives off isn't as wide-ranging; you'll notice it when you get out of the direct line of heat.

Where can convection heating be used? It makes a living with small groups, but it's not the most viable option for families or large rooms. The downside to convection heating is that forced air can be a problem for those who are allergic or sensitive to dust. As a result, they are cheaper to run and can heat a room faster.

halogen heaters

Finally, educate yourself on halogen heating - you may have come across the motion-sensor versions outside the pubs. They work with heating wires that give off heat and are ideal for anyone planning outdoor events or working outdoors. The negative? Its heat is only felt by standing directly in front of it, which is logical when used outdoors.

The guide to the best electric heater ES 2021

This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • heaters
  • radiator
  • convection heaters
  • halogen heaters

Take a look at the best options below.

best fan heater

Better for:A fast heating solution

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ formaldehyde purifying fan

This design is one of Dyson's best-selling fan heaters and can be more expensive, but considering winter here in the UK sometimes lasts into April, it's a good investment against whatever conditions lie around the corner. from the corner.

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This bladeless device not only floods the hot or cold air in the room, it cleans and purifies it from 99.95% of tiny formaldehyde particles (that have been dislodged from old furniture or furniture).bottom) Also.

As you'd expect, it features top-of-the-line Dyson technology such as Air Multiplier technology, which pushes air evenly while operating at a noise level similar to that of a field mouse. It can heat or cool a room incredibly quickly, so there's no need to stay on for a long time. The best thing about this heater is that it doesn't have blades, making it ideal for anyone who has pets or curious babies in the home.

It comes with a two-year warranty.

Intelligent heating Duux Threesixty 2

A pictorially powered machine, the Duux ThreeSixty is an excellent smart heater designed to heat small to medium-sized spaces quickly and efficiently.

It is cylindrical in design and uses a fan to disperse heat from above and flood the room with heat to keep it warm. You don't have to worry about using it while working or watching TV. It has Quiet Mark accreditation, which means you'll hardly notice it's on.

The Dutch-made device is a tough little thing that comes in white or grey, but still has a safety switch for accidental bumps and an automatic shutdown if it overheats. Control three levels of heating from the device or via a smartphone app.

We have found that using it for a few hours overnight is enough to keep the bedroom cozy all night. A smart winter investment in more ways than one.

Pro Breeze 2000W Keramik Miniheizer

The Pro Breeze 2000w is one of the highest rated fan heaters on Amazon, it does what it says it does and looks good doing it, but let's get down to the details.

The ceramic heating element helps produce faster, more powerful heat, and unlike many static fan heaters, the Pro Breeze offers 60-degree oscillation.

It measures 18.5 x 15.5 x 26 cm, which is larger than the average mini fan, but still smaller compared to its competitors. If you have a small apartment and need something both powerful and small, this is the fan heater to buy.

Safety features include built-in overheat protection and an automatic tip-over switch.

Black & Decker 1.5KW Mini Ceramic Heater

They sound more like a speaker, but you would never realize the heater was producing hot air, until you turn it on. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants their new purchase to blend seamlessly with their interior design.

Let it perform carefree at night thanks to the 7-hour timer and choose between two heat settings; 1000W and 1500W. There is also a fan option that kicks in when summer arrives.

It has all the usual safety features, plus a handle so you can easily transport it from room to room.

Russell Hobbs RHRETPTC2001 Retro Fan Heater - Black

Better for:old school appeal

Vintage vibes reign with the cute little heater from Russell Hobbs, offering two heat settings so you can also use it as a fan in the summer.

This short leg fan heater runs at 1500W and has an adjustable thermostat. There's an overheat safety feature and a switch to disconnect power if the heater falls over or gets too hot; It's useful if you have curious pets or small children around. It's perfect for providing localized warmth, like your WFH desk or near your feet when you're watching TV.

It works most effectively in rooms of 15 m².

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De'Longhi 1.8KW Ceramic Capsule Fan Heater

A stylish option for those looking for a quick fix. Weighing just 1.3kg and measuring approximately 27cm in size, this ceramic heater comes complete with a safety switch to prevent overheating.

The compact shape and gently rounded edges are a welcome change from the standard rectangle, while the contrasting loop handle makes it easy to move from room to room. Good job because this little heater is bound to be your best friend when it's cold.

Beste Mini-Heizlüfter

Better for:Smaller rooms or areas where you will be sitting, such as a living room or home office.

DeLonghi Capsule Desk Fan Heater

Better for:custom heat

Create your own microclimate while working from home or relaxing in bed with DeLonghi's Capsule Desk Heater. The 360 ​​W device consumes 5.5 times less power and runs quietly in the background at 39 dB, so you won't even notice it. The compact design comes with a carry handle so you can easily move it around, keeping your personal cloud of heat exactly where you want it.

LOGIK L20CTH20 Tower PTC Heater - Black

Better for:Heating of small and medium rooms

There's no need to spend a shivering afternoon in the conservatory or turn on the central heating when getting ready for bed when you have this stylish Logic portable heater ready to warm up your space. The carry handle makes the 2.2kg warmer easy to transport and there are two heat settings you can use to turn up the heat when it's really cold.

Heat builds up quickly in small to medium-sized rooms, and while there is some noise during operation, it's not overwhelming. You can use it to read or watch TV, no problem.

It requires electricity, it works at 2000W.

Drew&Cole Humi Smart Air 4-in-1 Personal Heater and Fan

Better for:air conditioning all year

This small personal heater is very attractive and at the same time serves as a cooling fan that deserves maintenance throughout the year. The tiny design is one of the better options we've seen, but not everything is surface level. The unit comes with a magnetized hand warmer that you can attach to the front of the warmer for warmth and then slip into your pocket to keep your hands warm on those cold winter walks. For safety reasons, it automatically turns off after four hours. It won't heat the whole room, but it's not designed to either. This is a personal heater that you can enjoy alone.

Pro Breeze Mini Heater

Better for:quiet operation

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When it comes to personal fan heaters, this triangular design ticks all the boxes. It uses ceramic to transfer heat efficiently enough to keep your immediate area warm, it's not powerful enough to heat an entire room, but if you ever have cold feet or want to savor a small space like an RV, this compact fan is ideal.

It has the state-of-the-art safety switch, temperature control, and portability of the other fan heaters on our list, but at a lower price. The operating noise is also as quiet as a mouse. A brilliant bargain buy.

DeLonghi Capsule Fit heater in gray

Better for:portability

Make way for this unique looking DeLonghi heater that can be positioned vertically or horizontally, allowing you to heat your space more efficiently. The 2400W fan heater works quickly to bring temperatures to a comfortable level using three fan settings. There's also a small carry handle on the back, making it easy to move around the house.

best radiators

Better for:Large rooms, allergic sensitivities, no sound.

ANSIO 2300W Ölradiadorheizung

The Ansio 2300 is one of the best home heaters for several reasons: It can run on three power levels, low power at 1000W, medium power at 1300W, and high power at 2300W. It's easy to move around and has a great little castle which disables the buttons on the screen.

The remote control is more useful than you think: snuggling under the covers and not getting out of bed to turn the heating on or off is a very special winter magic.

There's a handy timer setting that can be set from one hour to 24 hours to start or stop heating and an eco mode to help save energy.

In terms of safety, this meets all the important criteria. There is a safety switch on the base, and if the heating temperature gets too high (for example, if you use other heat sources in the room), the thermostat will automatically turn it off.

Dunelm 2000W 9-fin oil cooler

This tiny design may look tiny, but it packs a punch. The mains powered heater measures 55 x 41 x 24cm and has a 1.2m cord so you can place it where you need heat, and at 2000W it's powerful enough to raise the temperature of a medium-sized room . Three settings let you control things to your liking.

De'Longhi TRNS0505M Nano S Fuel Cooler

Small and compact, this De'Longhi curved radiator is ideal when you want to heat up quickly. It has freeze protection that automatically turns the heater on when the temperature drops below 5 degrees, and there's also an overheat protection feature to keep you safe and warm.

It's not the sort of device we'd recommend for use in a poorly insulated space like a garden shed, but it does keep it nice and cozy while protecting you from a stormy night indoors. It comes with a five-year warranty.

Best Convection Sheizungen

Better for:Fast heating for medium rooms.

LOGIK L20CHTW21 convector heater - black and white

This streamlined heater is perfect when you want to add extra warmth to your home without fumbling with bulky machinery. Logic's machine is compact and lightweight, with a touch-sensitive control panel and digital display that makes it easy to set your preferred temperature.

Best of all, unlike heater fans, it heats the room quietly and has a 24-hour timer so you can only use it when you need it.

(Video) Best Space Heaters For Large Room 🔥: 2020 Complete Buyer’s Guide | HVAC Training 101

Igenix Compact 2000 Watt Portable Electric Convection Heater

Keep rooms warm where conventional heating is not available with the help of this small convection heater. It's virtually silent and emits 3W of gentle heat that can be set to three heat settings. There is also an automatic shutdown feature that kicks in if the heater overheats, adding to the sense of security.

Thermo De'Longhi 2kW convection heater

The self-contained unit has a heating capacity of 2kW and features an adjustable room thermostat to help you find and maintain your desired temperature.

We're particularly impressed by its sleek appearance, making it a stylish addition to almost any modern space. There are also three heat settings, a safety switch, and a freeze protection feature for use in low temperatures.

The best halogen heaters.

Better for:Direct outdoor heat.

Outsunny 2100W Ceiling Mounted Electric Patio Heater - Black

Updating both the style and the heating rods, this vintage-look Outsunny Hanging Heater is ideal for those who have small gardens and patios and want to continue using it during the winter months. Measures 19" x 14" and uses energy efficient halogen to disperse heat and provide soft lighting.

1200W dark gray halogen spotlight

This lightweight, portable design comes complete with three heat settings and a wide-angle swivel to help you control heat distribution.

A thermal fuse and toggle switch are advantageous and necessary from a safety perspective.

This halogen spotlight also has replaceable tubes, so in the event of damage, you can replace parts instead of the whole thing. Measuring 14.5"L x 10.5"W x 18.5"H x 10.5"D, it's a small but sturdy option for indoor use on hardwood floors only.

Belfry Heating Hugo electric patio heater

With this fan-shaped three-bulb halogen spotlight, evenings in the garden remain on the program even in the dead of winter. Mounted under the garden umbrella, it uses infrared technology to keep you and your family warm in minutes. The arms fold down when not in use, so there is no need to separate them when folding the parasol. It requires electrical power.


What electric heater produces the most heat? ›

Cadet 67527 is the most powerful electric space heater for large rooms with high ceilings. While most electric units are powered by 1,500W, the Cadet 67527 is powered by 4,000W (+150% more heating output). Due to its high heating output, the Cadet 67527 can heat up to 600 sq ft rooms on its own (central heating type).

What is the best heater to heat a room quickly? ›

Choose from desk fans to devices that can heat up the whole room
  • Princess smart infrared panel heater Best overall. ...
  • Duux edge 1500 convector heater Best wall-mounted heater. ...
  • Dimplex futurad digital portable smart radiator Best smart heater. ...
  • De'Longhi capsule desk fan heater Best compact electric heater.
Feb 10, 2023

What is the best electric heater that uses less electricity? ›

Halogen heaters are one of the most energy efficient you can buy. This one costs around 18p an hour to run (on a higher setting). It heats whatever you point it at so it's great if you want to direct it at you or your guests to keep warm, but it's not ideal for heating an entire room.

Which room heater is best for winter? ›

  • The Best Halogen Heaters That Give A Comfortable Atmosphere. Dec 29, 2022. ...
  • Easy Mobility. Bajaj Deluxe 2000 Watts Halogen Room Heater (Steel, ISI Approved), Multicolor. ...
  • Value for Money. Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Room Heater (White) ...
  • Noiseless Operation. ...
  • Best Efficiency.

What type of heater is best for indoors? ›

Radiative space heaters are among the best options for indoor heating. You can also use this type of heater outdoors as well. Infrared and fireplace heaters, even patio heaters can fall under this category. The reason radiative heaters are popular is because they eliminate the need for insulation.

Which is better infrared or ceramic heaters? ›

Quartz infrared heaters offer very fast heat-up and cool down times. Ceramic heaters, however, require more time to heat circulating air and warm up the room via convection. Quartz heaters can be used to create quieter heating equipment as in most cases air movement from noisy convection blowers is not needed.

What is the most efficient way to heat a room with electricity? ›

A ductless heat pump is an electric system offering one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool a home. The system uses up to 60% less energy than conventional electric heating systems.

What is the cheapest way to heat a room using electricity? ›

The cheapest way to get a quick blast of heat in a room

In that case, an electric heater is a good option to give you heat temporarily. Electric heaters consist of oil heaters and fan heaters. If you are investing in an electric heater, be mindful of how powerful it is and how much it costs to run.

What is the most cost effective heater for a room? ›

Infrared heaters are likely the most energy-efficient electric heaters, giving off all their heat through infrared, making them efficient for home heating. Each watt of energy is made into usable heat, with none lost due to air escaping the room.

Do oil filled heaters use a lot of electricity? ›

Energy Saving

All the electricity used by an oil filled radiator is used to generate heat; namely by warming the oil inside. There is no electricity wasted. This makes the oil filled radiator one of the most energy efficient ways of heating any room.

How can I make my cold room heat up faster? ›

10 Ways to Warm Up at Home Without Turning on the Heat
  1. Close up any cracks in your window frame. ...
  2. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. ...
  3. Invest in the best blankets. ...
  4. Make your curtains work harder. ...
  5. Use draft stoppers on your doors. ...
  6. Cover your floors with rugs. ...
  7. Prevent drafts around electric outlets.
Dec 18, 2015

Which is the best heater to buy? ›

Which are the best electric heaters to buy in 2023? At a glance
  • Best overall — VonHaus 2000W closed-fin oil filled radiator.
  • Best oil-free convection heater — Dimplex ECR 15.
  • Best ceramic fan heater — DeLonghi HFX65.
  • Best budget heater — John Lewis & Partners square fan heater.
  • Best heater for a large room — Duronic HV220.
Jan 3, 2023

What is the cheapest way to heat your house in the winter? ›

As a general rule, heating your home with a natural gas furnace is the cheapest way to keep warm through the winter months. Electricity is usually significantly more expensive than gas, so even the most efficient heaters will be a bigger drain on your pocketbook than a traditional furnace.

How do I choose an electric heater? ›

  1. Heating Capacity. When looking for a space heater, one of the most important things to consider is the amount of space you need to heat. ...
  2. Heater Type. The next thing to consider is what type of heater you need. ...
  3. Energy-Efficiency. ...
  4. Safety Features. ...
  5. Noise Level.

What is the cheapest way to heat a house? ›

The cheapest way to heat your home is still gas central heating, even with the big price rises over the past year. But for many of us, the only option is to heat with electrical power and there are a wide range of options that are efficient and cost-effective.

How can I heat my house cheaply? ›

So here are 10 simple tips for keeping your home warm for little or no extra cost – just in time for that severe weather warning.
  1. Use your curtains. ...
  2. Use timers on your central heating. ...
  3. Move your sofa. ...
  4. Maximise your insulation. ...
  5. Wrap up warm. ...
  6. Turn down the dial. ...
  7. Block out the draughts. ...
  8. Install thermostatic radiator valves.
Nov 9, 2016

What are the disadvantages of infrared heating? ›

The Cons of Infrared Heaters
  • Safety. The coils of infrared heaters get extremely hot so they can be dangerous to use around children and pets. ...
  • Limited Warming. For some, zone warming may not be ideal, and it could feel very limited if you're moving around a room a lot. ...
  • Stops Heating When Off.
May 1, 2019

What type of electric heaters are safest? ›

Sealed combustion heaters are much safer to operate than other types of space heaters, and operate more efficiently because they do not draw in the heated air from the room and exhaust it to the outdoors. They are also less likely to backdraft and adversely affect indoor air quality.

Are Lasko heaters good? ›

We've recommended the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater since 2013, and it's still one of the cheapest and most reliable space heaters you can find. It warms up faster than most fan heaters we tested, and it has a compact, lightweight body that's about the size of a loaf of bread.

How can I make my room warmer without a heater? ›

How to Stay Warm at Home Without a Heater
  1. Close all of your windows properly. ...
  2. Use cheap clear shower curtains over the windows that receive sun light. ...
  3. Put up curtains. ...
  4. Seal your doors. ...
  5. Let as much sun hit your house as possible. ...
  6. Close off any unused rooms. ...
  7. Put down a rug or carpet.

What are the cheapest heaters to run 2022? ›

Electric radiators are the cheapest option, with a 1kW model costing around 34p per hour under the October 2022 Energy Price Guarantee. At the other end of the scale, 2.5kW fan heaters are the most expensive choice, at around 85p per hour.

What temperature should your house be? ›

The average room temperature is typically around 20°C, or 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a good ambient temperature to aim for, but it is important to bear in mind that different rooms will need to be heated to specific temperatures.

What is the cheapest way to heat a large room? ›

Halogen heaters tend to be the cheapest radiant heaters as they have a low power rating (but also produce less heat), while oil-filled radiators are often the cheapest convector heater because there is a thermostat to control the temperature.

What size room will a 1500 watt heater heat? ›

As a rule of thumb, you will need 10 watts of heating power for every square foot of floor area in a room. This means that a 1,500-watt heater can be the primary heat source for an area measuring up to 150 square feet.

What is the best and cheapest heating? ›

Although prices have risen, natural gas is the least costly form of space heating. This is followed by electricity, propane, and heating oil, from the next cheapest to the most expensive. It also pays to consider eco-friendly home improvements that make home eco-heating more efficient, too.

How much does it cost to run a 1500 watt oil heater for 24 hours? ›

Cost Of Running 1,500 Watt Heater For 24 Hours:

As you can see, 1,500 watt space heaters can use quite a lot of electricity when running 24 hours per day. Dollar-wise, running a 1,500W heater 24 hours will cost anywhere between $1.80 ($0.05/kWh) and $22.60 ($0.60/kWh), depending on the price of electricity.

What is cheaper to run an oil filled radiator or an electric heater? ›

Oil filled radiators are more economical to run because they retain heat longer and power demand through the temperature control is called upon less frequently. Electric heaters heat only the room you are in and not the entire house, providing extra heat only where required and helping to optimise energy consumption.

Can oil filled radiators be left on overnight? ›

Are Oil-Filled Radiators safe to leave On Overnight? Yes, you can leave an oil heater “ON” overnight. Oil heaters are designed to be very safe, modern electric oil-filled heater comes with lots of additional advanced security features such as built-in-timers, tip-over protection, thermostat, and more.

How do you keep a poorly insulated house warm? ›

With drafty doors, windows and poorly insulated rooms, the cold can be inevitable. So what's a homeowner to do?
  1. Close Your Curtains.
  2. Keep Items Away From the Radiator.
  3. Keep Out Drafts, Seal Doors and Windows.
  4. Install Radiator Panels.
  5. Insulate Hot Water Pipes.
  6. Try Soapstone Heaters.
  7. Designate a Heating Room.
Feb 10, 2023

Is a 240 volt heater more efficient than a 120 volt heater? ›

There is no difference in efficiency in our heaters between 120V and 240V (or any other voltage). The reason why 240V is advantageous for appliances and heaters in a home has to do with amperage. The electrical panel in your home is limited by amperage, and most panels nowadays are 200amp panels.

Is infrared or ceramic heater better? ›

Quartz infrared heaters offer very fast heat-up and cool down times. Ceramic heaters, however, require more time to heat circulating air and warm up the room via convection. Quartz heaters can be used to create quieter heating equipment as in most cases air movement from noisy convection blowers is not needed.

What is the most efficient electric space heater for home? ›

Dr Infrared 1,500-Watt Portable Space Heater: Best Infrared Space Heater. This model is considered by many to be the best space heater overall in terms of energy efficiency. Infrared space heaters heat up very quickly, cutting down on energy use. They also automatically shut off if people aren't sensed in the room.

How many watts is a good heater? ›

750 watts works well for a small office, small bedroom, or bathroom. 1000 watts should warm up large bathrooms, small living rooms, or a small room. 1500 watts will heat spaces up to about 150 square feet and can help you stay warm and toasty in a medium-sized room, office, kitchen, or modest-sized living room.

Is it cheaper to run a 120V or 240V heater? ›

The simple answer to that is that they are almost the same cost to operate or are just within a few dollars. Most people think that 240V is cheaper because it uses half the amps that 120V uses. Amps isn't what consumers pay for, it's actually the wattage used by the electrical device.

Does a higher wattage heater mean more heat? ›

High wattage means more power is consumed. Because of this most of the time we are trying to build and use appliances that use less power and have lower wattages. Higher wattages however are good when you particularly need to turn electricity into heat. The higher the wattage the hotter the heater.

What is better than a space heater? ›

A basic tenet is that electric space heaters are less efficient than HVAC systems. In most places, electricity is more expensive than natural gas, so a gas furnace is better for overall efficiency.


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