which is the antonym of random (2023)

answer 1

What are the options? But some synonyms would be "Planned", "Specific", "Specific".

Which part of the article highlights why poor boys face difficulties when surrounded by wealthy neighborhoods?

read the sentence Edgar was delighted when he opened the college admissions letter. Which clue is most helpful in determining the meaning of the underlined term? The antonym of the term is depression.

A relative of the term is the Spanish term extático.

The word ecstatic is part of this word family.

Ecstatic is an adjective.


"Ecstatic" is an adjective and the answer is


Ecstatic is an adjective.


Lindsay Rock's dream machine

1 Derek watched intently as his older brother Jared operated the machine in front of him.

2 "Jared, is this really going to work?" he asked, tapping his foot impatiently.

3 Jared's lack of reaction showed Derek that his brother had no doubts about his abilities. Jared was a true Einstein and won first place in the science fair five years in a row. His inventions never failed to impress even the most unscrupulous judges.

4 "the end". Jared stepped back, revealing a strange helmet-like object covered in buttons, lights, and other mechanisms. He made a big gesture with his hands as if giving the top prize to the contestant and said, "I'll give you the machine of your dreams."

5 Derek eyed the machine suspiciously. "How do you operate it?" he asked.

6 "It's very simple," Jared replied. "First, you enter the time, place and event using the keyboard. Then put the helmet on your head and fasten the strap tightly. Finally – and this is the easy part – go to bed. While you sleep, the machine uses the data you input to create a vivid dream sequence that actually guides you where you want to go.

7 Derek nodded, still suspicious of his brother's device. He wasn't sure if he wanted a machine playing with his subconscious while he slept like a baby. However, Derek remembered why he had asked his brother about the dream machine in the first place. In history class he made a website about the ancient Olympics and Derek had to write about the stadium. He still hadn't written a word, and his presentation was due the next day.

8 Derek took a deep breath and lifted his helmet. The following information is planned: 776 BC, Olympia, Greece, Stadium. Then he placed the clumsy machine on his head, tightened the strap and tried to get comfortable on the bed. He finally fell asleep. . . .

9Derek was standing in the stadium, the place where the ancient Greeks held athletic competitions. He watched the athletes prepare for the race, also known as the stadium. The stadium was one of the most important events of the ancient Olympic Games. The length of the race was one stadia - about 200 yards - which was the distance from one end of the stadium to the other. The people around Derek excitedly talked about the great honor that would be bestowed upon the man who won the match. Derek cheered with them as the athletes raced to the finish line. . . .

10 The next morning, Derek proudly presented information about his stadium to his classmates. Even Mr. Jovavitch, the history teacher, seemed impressed by the detailed description.

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11 "Derek, where did you find such intricate details?" Mr. Jovovich asked.

12 "Here and there," Derek said, a mischievous grin spreading across his face.

The author uses paragraphs eight, nine and ten
A) explain how the dream machine brought Derek back from ancient Greece.
B) show how to program a dream machine to take someone back in time.
C) show that Derek was able to use the dream machine to complete his quest.
D) prove that Derek's presentation was better than his colleagues' presentation.

What is the relationship between boisterous and disgusting?

In the "Prologue" of The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer describes the Pardoner's hair as "rat tails", mainly to convey realistic detail. implies moral corruption.


This description was probably used for comic relief.




What is the name of the relationship between ∠1 ​ and ∠8?


Alternate Outer Angel. I hope it helps

Both are alternate exterior angles.
I hope this helps! :) :)

Which genre involves short texts that capture the mood and theme that define the characters of the plot?


novels and short stories

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A short story is the correct answer.

From the Devil and Tom Walker, Tom looked in the direction the stranger was pointing and saw one of the big trees, beautiful and blooming outside, but rotten at the heart, and saw that it was almost blown down, so that the first strong wind would probably blow it away. On the bark of the tree was the name of Deacon Peabody, an important man who had made his fortune by shrewd dealings with the Indians.

2. Which of the many symbols in the story The Mask of the Red Death indicates that the fate of the partygoers is certain and will come soon?

A. ebony watch

B. black room

C. tripods of fire


B, the sure answer is B

What element of the gaps in the story of Daedalus and Icarus did Pieter Brueghel retain in his landscape painting The Fall of Icarus?


Image, video or PowerPoint slide.

What might the characterization tell the reader? A) the central conflict that the characters must face. B) the characters' fears and motivations. C) events that lead to the climax and end of the story. D) when and where the story takes place.


I believe the answer is B. Hope this helps ♥

The answer is definitely B.


The answer is personalization

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The correct answer is A. Personalization


Is dialogue a feature of drama?


yes yes yes I hope it helps

I say yes, it is

What characterization can tell the reader


How the character in the story thinks or feels

How the character looks, behaves, and sometimes the background


It's usually exposure.

The plot, background and characters are presented in the exhibition.


What you need to do is that com is part of it. Jokes and laughter don't belong in cuts and pain, so your first choice is out. Joy and awe don't come with cuts and pain, so your second option is out. Water and ocean have nothing to do with cuts and pain, so your third option is out. The answer is :D) life:pain because pain is a part of your life and in your life you get cuts and bruises that cause pain. Do you understand that?
I hope this helps! ;)

Life: Pain, I think.

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Judy Bloom's career as an American writer spans four decades and has won numerous literary awards. She is best known for her novels intended for pre-teens. A notable example is Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing. However, Blume has also found success writing for adult audiences. Three of her novels for adults hit the New York Times bestseller list. In a 2008 interview, Blume remarked, "I have so many stories to tell!" By then, he had written almost 30 novels. Judy Blume is an extremely talented and prolific American author. Which of the following lists is textual evidence that supports the main idea of ​​this passage?

Four decades, many awards, best known for novels for young people
Multiple awards, ability to write for multiple audiences, 30 novels
Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing, lista bestselera, intervju
Američki autor, Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing, 30 romana


The main idea in this passage is that Judy Blume is talented and productive. Choice that shows the idea is many awards, can write about many common, 30 novels.
Prolific means he can write a lot - and 30 novels is a lot. That she is talented is evident when you look at her awards and how diverse audiences enjoy her work.


Multiple awards, ability to write for multiple audiences, 30 novels


I had this question in a quiz and I answered it correctly.

Walking is not the most exciting form of exercise you can do for fitness. However, the impact is small and no complex equipment is required. This makes walking an easy activity for those new to the sport. Walking is less likely than other exercises to injure the tendons and muscles of the legs. All you need is a good pair of trainers - no cables, fancy clothes or weights required. Of course, a person could increase the benefits of exercise by adding weights or brisk walking.
How does the third sentence ("It makes walking...") support the main idea of ​​the passage?

He points out that walking is a good introduction to exercise for beginners.

He says that walking is very easy for people who have experience in exercise.

He points out that inexperienced athletes may not like walking because it is too easy.

Walking, he says, is more profitable than other activities because it does not require any equipment.


He points out that walking is a good introduction to exercise for beginners.

The answer would be
A) He points out that walking is a good introduction to training for beginners.
I hope this helps! :) :)

What is the difference between myths and legends?


The correct answer to this question would be
Hope this helps and let me know if you need any more help! We are always here for you and support you! :) :)

Your answer will be a participle because it is not a noun or an adjective nor is it a verb

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Which is the antonym of random? ›

The antonyms of the word 'Random' are "steady, aimed, intended, regular, controlled, purposed, intentional, deliberate, designed, normal, systematic".

What's the opposite of random? ›

The antonyms of the word 'Random' are "steady, aimed, intended, regular, controlled, purposed, intentional, deliberate, designed, normal, systematic".

What is the other word for random? ›

accidental, aimless, arbitrary, incidental, indiscriminate, irregular, odd, unplanned, adventitious, by-the-way, casual, contingent, desultory, driftless, fluky, fortuitous, hit-or-miss, objectless, promiscuous, purposeless.

What is 5 antonyms? ›

Antonym examples:
  • Admire – Detest.
  • Bravery – Cowardice.
  • Crooked – Straight.
  • Dainty – Clumsy.
  • Economise – Waste.

What is one opposite word? ›

An antonym is a word that is the opposite of another word. An opposite can be the other side of, reverse of, or something contrary to anything, not just words. Below are some examples: 'Hot' is the antonym/opposite of 'cold. '

What is the meaning of random? ›

: lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern. : made, done, or chosen at random. read random passages from the book. : relating to, having, or being elements or events with definite probability of occurrence. random processes.

What type of word is random? ›

As detailed above, 'random' can be a noun or an adjective. Noun usage: The party was boring. It was full of randoms. Adjective usage: The flip of a fair coin is purely random.

Does random mean equal? ›

Randomness does not mean equal probabilities of occurrence for each element of a sample space (of a set of outcomes). An event is random if its outcome is unknown beforehand, in the simplest terms. It can't be partially unknown.

What is another word for non random sample? ›

A sample that is not a random sample is known as a non-random or non-probability sample. Specific types of non-random sampling include quota sampling, convenience sampling, volunteer sampling, purposive sampling, and snowball sampling.

What are two antonyms? ›

Antonyms are words with opposite meanings, like hot and cold, good and bad, and happy and sad.

What are 6 antonyms? ›

3SunlightNight; moonlight; darkness
4GrowShrink; reduce
5WorkRelax; play; rest
6HeardUnheard; unaware
8 more rows

What are the 20 antonyms? ›

List of Antonyms
17 more rows

What is the opposite of random in statistics? ›

A non-random variable is generally called a Constant.

What is really opposite word? ›

doubtfully. untruthfully. Adverb. ▲ Opposite of truly, in fact, reality or practice.

Is there a word for opposite? ›

Some common synonyms of opposite are antithetical, contradictory, and contrary.

What are the two types of random? ›

There are two types of random variables, discrete and continuous.


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